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 You are looking for someone with a bright and creative mind?
Here I am, willing to help you on! about me


Being a motoring writer especially mobile leisure is my stamping ground. I am an experienced expert in camping, caravaning, motorhome tourism. I am familiar with report, feature and interview. more

I’ve got a special sense in editing complex technical subjects in an illustrating and entertaining way that anyone with layman’s way of thinking easily can catch it.

Discovering things not written in the guidebook while travelling is my professional challenge. I gladly paint those discoveries into travel pictures made of text.


I am aging 55 years, married and father of two grown children. I started in 1982, still a student at the university with a small office called „Idea & Realisation in Text, Drawing and Advertising graphics“ in the city of Duisburg. At that time I worked for several motorhome suppliers and accessories stores. In combination with my personal camping background from childhood on these customers focused my professional interest early on mobile leisure: outdoor, caravanning, camping. Mainly in this field as well as on classic cars/historic motor sports I work as a freelance journalist, PR- and marketing consultant for nearly three decades in the city of Duesseldorf

My publication list contains 46 separate publications (books, chapters in books, extra issues of magazines) besides the regular magazine contributions as well as several TV- and radiobroadcasts.



„Premio Giornalistico Caravan Europa“, given in Torino from an Italian jury in an international journalist contest honouring my reports on Italian market since 1984. Dotation 5.000 ECU.


„Tourist Media Award“ in the category „folders and brochures guest“ for the brochure of Caravan Park Sexten at the international Advertising Grand Prix (Vienna), in one run with:


„Signum Laudis in Gold“, public voting in the same contest for the brochure of Caravan Park Sexten being the best and most beautiful brochure on touristical facilities. All text in this brochure has been written by my own hand since 1999. In concept, structure and design of this brochure I had reasonable influence.



 Silver Medal of Honour by the city of Juechen on continous voluntary work in Schloss Dyck Classic Days/Trips Memorial.

Bronze Gumnut Award by CCIA/NSW in recognition of a commitment to improve environmental sustainability and social responsability.


Despite of having learned only dead languages at school (Greek and Latin), I really love languages. I speak and write fluent German and English. My knowledge in French, Italian and Dutch allows catching the general meaning of a text. Some everyday basics and phrases I know in more or less each and every middle European language including Turkish.
Being the initiator of the German subsidiary of French product „Camping Cheque“ this international collaboration strengthened my communicative competence as well as my duties for the „LeadingCampings“ do. The permanent contact with French, Brits, Irish, Dutch, Belgians, people from Luxembourg, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Sweden and Norway as well as from Switzerland, Austria and Germany requires besides the common working language English the respect of cultural and nation-specific connotations. The close collaboration with Dutch ACSI-publishing made me an arbitrator between two strong but different working cultures.

Working media:

I am experienced in the text processing software Word Perfect, Perfect Writer, MS-Word 5.0, Word 6.0 for Windows 3.1, WORD 97 and WORD 2002. I am acquainted to the PC-World (MS-DOS up to Windows XP Professional) as well as to the MAC-World (OS 7.3 up to 9.2). For promobil magazine I wrote all texts directly in Quark-Xpress for MAC or WORD 6.0 for MAC. I also have user knowledge on Photoshop, InDesign, FreeHand and CMS-software for internet-content.

Driver’s licenses and related:

Being a serious motoring writer I naturally bear the driver’s licenses in the classes 5,4,3 and 2 (A1, BE, C1E, CE, MLT) in combination with a profound driving experience especially in the class 2/CE up to 40 ton semitrailers. I also have got trainings and experience in manoeuvring even big (4 x 4)rigs off road.
I also finished the training as an officially approved expert in propane installations in vehicles referring to DVGW / G 607. 



Important stations:


voluntary press officer of Schloss Dyck Classic Days charity venue 2007, 2008 and 2009. press releases, press conferences, accreditation office and on site duties.


Marketing & PR for “The Leading Camping- and Caravaning-Parks of Europe”. Construction of a branch office, finding a secretary, guiding the change into the legal form of an association, press work, programs with strategic partners, launch of a web-portal, customer relationship management (2007), common reservation system (2008), accreditation of LeadingCampings as the sole entity in open air tourism at European Community headquarters in Bruxelles (2009).


Initiator and contact for the Joint-Venture between Motorpresse Stuttgart and ACSI Publishing BV (NL) on launching a German version of Dutch camping guide.


Responsible for the development of the camping guide family, a cooperation of publishers Motorpresse Stuttgart and Swiss Hallwag company. Until 2006 Head of Research & Text for „Campingguide Europe“, „Campingguide Germany“ and „Camping-Atlas“.


As a freelance part of the editorial staff during the relaunch of Caravaning magazine. Acquisition of the German subsidiary of „Camping Cheque“: Reader-magazine-relationship with discount system.


Journalistical development job: Think tank with three other persons in order to create a new structure for the 35 years old magazine „Caravaning“ which the Motorpresse Stuttgart just had purchased.


Press- and PR-officer at Niesmann + Bischoff GmbH. (High-End motorhomes, makes Clou, Flair, Arto).


Start of continous freelance contribution in „promobil“ – Europe’s biggest motorhome magazine. From time to time I still write for them

 1984  Co-founder of „Group Concept Consultancy GmbH - Marketing and Product development“. Different developments in leisure market.
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