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Picture & Cartoon

You’ve got to illustrate something? For a good picture I make it over borders. Being a journalist I deliver of course the picture matching the subject, digitally or classical on celluloid.

Camping - Fotoarchiv der 60er und 70er Jahre

A real treasure chest is my well sorted archive with camping photos from the 60ties and 70ties of 20th century – colour slides from the boom of camping tourism showing caravanning destinations from the North Sea to Spain, from France to the Black Sea.
examples pics

If even a photo doesn’t say more than a thousand words it comes to a cartoon. Drawing lines from strange ideas is my pleasure. My references span from free cartoons, i.e. for a calendar with pigs („pigtures“) to an advertising comic made for truma-Gerätetechnik, from Christmas greetings for MG-Car Club to the logo of a whole food super market.
examples cartoon





























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